Cover of "EKSEPTION `78" signed by all !!! Thanks to Peter Kampmann
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Cor Dekker on stage by Peter Kampmann


Ekseption Siegen 1987 - Thanks to Peter Kampmann
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Met dank aan Bert Monster : Ekseption met in beeld inmiddels drie overleden bandleden : Rick,Huib & Cor
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Rein and Dick - thanks to Olof Lindh


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Thanks to Olof Lindh

Ekseption 1968, met v.l.n.r.: Peter De Leeuwe,Cor Dekker,Rein van Den Broek,Rob Kruisman,Huib van Kampen en Rick van der Linden. Thanks to Bert Monster


Hi, I was Ekseption concert in Finlandia House Helsinki. Could you remember the date? I think the year is 1972. Band members maybe Rick van der Linden, piano, organ. Cor Dekker bass. Peter de Leeuwe drums. Rein van der Broek tumpett. Dick Temelink saxophone, flute. Keke

Great seventies articles by Mario Auger

A great photoserie of the 1977 fanmeeting at Ricks home.

The photos are taken by Arie Uijtterlinde and kindly offered to Bert Monster.


Thanks to Bert Monster for this very young Ekseption photo 1968 ?

5 great photos from Ekseptions history made in Hilversum in 1972 - Thanks to Martien de Bruijn & Rick Barron

Many thanks to Mario Auger we have this unseen collection of Trace and Ekseption pictures :

Also photos from the Ekseption in memory concert, Ijmuiden.


Check this may 23 interview by  Helmut Hasenjäger with a german newspaper


Rick van der Linden: 17.05.1989

Gemeinsamkeiten der Fotos: 3 Tage Abstand,    Pferdekutsche,           weißer Anzug
Commoness of the photos :   3 days distance,    Horse-drawn carriage, white suit

Helmut Hasenjäger:  20.05.1989

Gemeinsamkeiten der Fotos: 3 Tage Abstand,    Pferdekutsche,           weißer Anzug
Commoness of the photos :   3 days distance,    Horse-drawn carriage, white suit

"Bald heiraten. Ich will Orgel spielen. Rick"

"Marry soon. I want to play organ. Rick"

He gave me this cigarette box.

Helmuth Hasenjeager


De onderstaande historische foto's komen uit de prive verzameling van Bert Monster.
25 mei 2007

Een heel jonge Rick in 1968 , de allereerste foto van Ekseption


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Interview with Rick van der Linden for IO Pages by Leo Hoekstra September 2003

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Click here for more pictures of Rick van der Linden may 25th 2003


22 juni 2003 Zoetermeer Nederland


15 juni 2003 Hardenberg Nederland



The 2003 Line up.......



From L to R: Mark Inneo-drums, Meredith Nelson-bassguitar, Bob Shields-leadguitar, Rick v/d Linden-keyboards, Inez v/d Linden/Zwart-soprano.


Foto H. Karsijns.

From L to R:Bob Shields-leadguitar, , Meredith Nelson-bassguitar, Inez v/d Linden/Zwart-soprano.  Rick v/d Linden-keyboards,  Mark Inneo-drums

All photographs courtesy of Bert Monster.

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Bert Monster + Rick


At the 28th of November 1978, some enthousiastic Ekseptionfans went to the German city of Aachen to visit a concert from their favourite group. This concert was organised on occasion of the release of “Ekseption ‘78” record. After the excellent performance, Rick gave us the opportunity to talk with him about this concert in the dress-room. During this talk, I made a picture of Rick which I want to describe as:  “Rick with his wellknown typical way of looking”. Because it is on the 28th of November 2008 exactly 30 years ago that I made this picture, I thought this is a very good reason to place this picture of Rick on the site, from the man who gave us for many years so much pleasure by his splendid compositions and arrangements. You can see this as a special way of honour to this marvelous keyboardplayer! Rick Baron
















The first Ekseption photo

Trace 1974 new 18-10-08

Ekseption 1972 new 18-10-08

The very first photograph I got it's 1969 

f.l.t.r.: Peter,Cor,Huib,Rob,Rick en Rein

Ekseption 1970  Beggars Julia's Time Trip was just released

f.l.t.r.: leadsinger Michel van Dijk,Rick,Rein,Peter,Dick & Cor

Ekseption line up during Ekseption 3 with 2nd vocalist Coen Merckelbach from Ginger Ale. 
f.l.t.r.: Cor,Rick,Peter,Coen,Dick en Rein


Rick prior to a concert in Sweden(1971) Rick's top 10 A very Young Rick van der Linden

Rick, pictured at a dutch gig in the Netherlands 1972
Rick with Trace at the Raadhuis of Arnhem june 11th 1977


Rick's lp Old Friends New Friends(1985) 
Rick with EKSEPTION in 1978 f.l.t.r.
Rein,Peter,Rick,Dick en Cor
Peter De Leeuwe,Cor Dekker,Rob Kruisman,Rein van den Broek, Huib van Kampen en Rick van der Linden
Rick,Pieter,Rein,Cor, Jan    1973    Rein,Cor,Rick,Dick,Peter     1972 Cor,Rick,Denis,Rein,Michel,Dick 1970
Wilma,Rein,John,Getty,Rick   1979 Peter,Cor,Huib,Rob,Rick,Rein    1969

Rein,Rick,Peter,Frans,Dick 1989

Rein,Peter,Rick,Dick,Cor      1978  thuis bij Rick in Den Dolder     1980    Cor,Jan,Rein,Rick,Pieter 1973

Akersloot okt.1981                  Akersloot okt.1981                 



Loenen a/d Vecht 1981          Engelse pub 1971 Trace 1976

Trace 1974 Trace 1977

Ekseption 1973 Rick,Pieter,Jan,Rein,Cor

Ekseption 1971 Ekseption 1970 Ekseption 1970

Ekseption 1970 Trace 1974 Ekseption 1973

Trace 1974 Trace 1974 Trace 1977

Trace Live 1977   Trace Live 1977  

Rick met GX1 1977

Ekseption 1969    


Nieuw 22 januari 2008 Het orgel van Rick bij Ruud Jansen thuis.



 Nieuw november 2007

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